Helping children reach their potential.

One of the groups we are honored to be able to work with is Amachi Central Kentucky, a group that aims to assist children affected by incarceration in achieving their highest potential by engaging them in consistent and committed mentoring relationships. LAC provides a week-long camp to Amachi, as well as numerous mobile units throughout the year, including a day of mentor-mentee bonding activities.

One of our Amachi success stories is that of Marcus. Marcus has been coming out to LAC for the past three years. At home, his mom is raising four kids on her own. LAC has helped him build his resilience and self-regulation skills, and by extension, his confidence. He proudly told us recently that he has all A’s and no behavior issues at school. Kids like Marcus deserve the opportunity to change their lives, and they can get that through the work we do here at LAC!


"LAC has been an excellent partnership for our bereavement camp for the past two years. The staff is dedicated to going the "extra mile" for collaboration purposes with our agency, but also for the children to have a fun and meaningful experience at camp."

Holly Bender

Bluegrass Care Navigators