Providing opportunities for young men.

The Clearview Project is another incredible group we work with from Fayette County. The Clearview Project exists to support students dealing with negative effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by providing opportunities to learn strategies and skills used to mitigate effects of ACEs. Our program staff provides many of those opportunities for the young men of this organization, resulting in their goals of higher resilience, self-confidence, and the decrease of academic gaps.

The Clearview Project

“Each year, our collaboration has evolved to serve the individualized and overall program needs of our young adults. The trauma-informed approach our teams have created has supported our young adults to build their individual resiliency and grow as leaders. We are thankful for the opportunity to grow together. ”

Logan Culbertson

Principal, Safe Harbor Academy

"LAC has been an excellent partnership for our bereavement camp for the past two years. The staff is dedicated to going the "extra mile" for collaboration purposes with our agency, but also for the children to have a fun and meaningful experience at camp."

Holly Bender

Bluegrass Care Navigators